If you live with small children or pets in your house it is likely your flooring will need to withstand a fair amount of accidents, spillages and general mess. Even if you live without either of these the chances are you have knocked over a drink at least once.

Spillages are part of any home and they will inevitably happen at some point. Despite this, we all find it incredibly frustrating when they happen.

How Do Stain Resistant Carpets Work?

Stain-resistant carpets are coated with a chemical finish which coats the pile fibres without altering the look or feel of the materials.

This defensive barrier stops liquids and dirt from being absorbed into the fibres. Swift cleaning and removing any harmful liquids and foods will leave no lasting effect on the carpet.

Having a stain-free carpet does not mean no cleaning is required. We advise you still clean and vacuum your carpet regularly to avoid a build up of dirt and other materials in the base of the pile.

Stain Free Carpet with GBFS

One of the best types of stain resistant carpets on the market come from Abingdon Flooring, who offer a Stain-Free For Life guarantee!

Abingdon Stain-Free Carpet is a twist pile carpet fibre guaranteed on wear for 10 years and stain resistant on food and drink for the lifetime of the carpet. We stock a range of colours and textures across the Abingdon range and we recommend you view sample patches of any carpet before purchasing to ensure you are completely happy with the colour and feel.

Benefits of Stain-Resistant Carpet

Cost Effective Flooring

While the square meter cost of stain-resistant flooring may be higher than the standard ranges of carpet, they are more cost efficient in the long-term.

A stain-resistant carpet requires less professional cleaning or expensive cleaning products over the lifetime of the product from the trials of day to day life. Due to the chemical treatments of the fibre, the stain-resistant carpet also has a longer lifecycle reducing the need to replace as often.

Less Stress

You spill something on your light coloured carpet - disaster! Well, not anymore. Feel free to pick the colours which best suit the theme of your room without a second thought for getting marks out of the carpet. You now have free rain to let your little ones and pets roam free throughout the home no matter your shade of carpet.

Multi-room Carpet

Due to the extended product life and hard wearing nature of stain resistant carpets, they are ideal to be used in a range of rooms throughout a home, especially in high traffic areas. Living rooms and dining rooms are the biggest culprits for spillages outside the kitchen and are the perfect place to lay this type of carpet. Additionally, why not add stain-free flooring to your entrance hall to protect your carpet against the muddy shoes of residents and guests alike.