Underlay is often the forgotten part of buying new flooring for any space - in reality, underlay is just as important as the carpet, laminate or LVT you choose to lay over it. Underlay is not an “extra” is is an essential part of how a carpet looks, feels and wears over time.

The problem with purchasing underlay is there is a wide range of choice and it is not always clear which one is best for you. From a range of different thicknesses, materials and insulation properties it can be an overwhelming choice. With a flooring purchase being a substantial outlay in any household or business it is important your choice is the correct one.

Reasons to Buy Cloud 9 Underlay

Cloud 9 carpet underlay is one of the most popular choices across the market with many customers preferring the Ball & Young product, due to its British manufacture which has become synonymous with the company. Cloud 9 underlay is known throughout the industry for being a luxury carpet underlay but also a versatile one. With four Cloud 9 carpet underlays in our range, you are sure to reach Cloud 9 whatever your budget.

Cirrus 9mm and Cumulus 11mm carpet underlay are the two most popular in our range, both offering a soft underfoot feel. Thinner underlays are available from Ball & Young if your budget is stretched.

Cloud 9 Cumulus Underlay

At 11mm thick the Cumulus is the thickest and most luxurious feel in the range, making it a highly popular choice. The high-quality feel and wear of the underlay make it an ideal choice for most rooms in the home, being perfect for bedrooms and living rooms throughout a home.

Due to the thickness of the PU Foam material, it offers excellent heat and noise insulation helping to reduce heating bills and keep the cosy feel in the rooms where you most need it. The 3.1 tog rating is one of the highest in Underlay of this price offering a cost-saving solution at a lower price than you may expect.

Cloud 9 Cirrus Underlay

Cirrus carpet underlay is slightly thinner than the Cumulus, at a thickness of 9mm. Despite a small decrease in thickness, the Cirrus does not lower the quality of your underlay choice, still rated as a luxury domestic carpet underlay. Cirrus underlay is also just as versatile as the Cumulus, able to be used widely across any property, often an excellent choice for stair carpet.

p>While these two choices are some of our most popular, there is still a wide range of choices to choose from. If you are still overwhelmed, remember a member of the GBFS team are always on hand to offer advice and support where ever we can. Ask us an underlay question.