Your carpet is probably the most used thing in your entire house - from the moment it is fitted to the moment it is replaced, it is used every day every time you walk into the room. But when should you replace 

When to buy new carpet? 

The frequency you will need to replace your carpet will depend entirely on the quality of the carpet and what room it is in. There are certain areas of the home where the carpet will have less foot traffic and so the carpet will need to be replaced less often. A key example of this is any spare room, which will not be visited regularly and may be used for storage, meaning the carpet has little day to day wear and the carpet in it can last for decades.

In contrast, the living room or entrance hall carpet will wear much quicker than any other room in the house due to the high volume of traffic on it. Every day it will be walked on frequently which will have the effect of shortening the pile height as the threads wear/ This often leads to 'desire paths' being created in high traffic areas where the majority of footfall lands, which are areas where the thread wears quicker and more noticeably than the other areas of the room. Another factor to consider is the original quality of the carpet. Higher quality carpet is made with better materials and is more likely to last longer, whereas lower quality carpet will wear much quicker and need to be replaced more often.

Get carpet that lasts

Any carpet you buy will wear over time, but the difference between a carpet that lasts for 2 years and one that lasts for 20 years will largely depend on how much you invested into it in the first place. A better quality carpet will also be able to withstand the creation of 'desire paths' much longer, staying soft and maintaining its shape much longer than a cheaper carpet which will quickly wear and flatten. We would recommend that the carpets that are placed in high traffic areas be replaced around every 5 years, but this is only a rough guide and you should take the initiative and examine your carpet every few months to check the wear and tear.

For carpets in low traffic areas like bedrooms, replacements are rare and are usually only necessary when redecorating. A good bedroom carpet can last decades if well looked after and like with the high traffic area carpet, a simple inspection can help you judge when they must be replaced. As the old adage states: 'buy cheap, buy twice' and the same is true with carpet!

Prepare for new carpet

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