Why Are Carpet Grippers Important?

Carpet grippers are the kind of product that seems pointless - but they are actually essential to your carpet fitting and ensuring that it stays in place once fitted.

For the uninitiated, carpet grippers are thin strips of light wood that has nails or pins sticking out in one direction. They are designed to be fastened to the floor by either glue or screw with the nails pointing towards to wall, allowing the carpet to be stretched over them when it is being installed.

One of the main reasons carpet grippers are so important when fitting any kind of carpet is that they keep it fixed in place, preventing it from moving around when you're adding furniture to the room or bunching up during daily use; especially if it's on a well-worn path through the house.

Carpet grippers are also vital for preventing the carpet from coming away from the wall or from curling up at the edges. If you don't use carpet grippers the carpet will likely move around more which can result in it creeping up the wall of exposing the floorboards or underlay underneath.

Can I Reuse Carpet Grippers?

It is not advisable to reuse carpet grippers and it is recommended that you change them every time you change your flooring. This is because over time the sharpness of the nails will fade and they will not be as effective at keeping the carpet in place, especially if they have to hold a tough new carpet.

Carpet grippers are available in most hardware stores, but you can generally get them a lot cheaper online by buying them in a bunch rather than individually. They come in set lengths but as they're made of wood they can easily be cut to measure to fit your room dimensions.

Are Carpet Grippers Easy To Fit?

Normally they are attached directly to the floorboards with either nails or screws to keep them securely in place whilst holding the tension of the carpet. This is the most common way, but care should be taken to check under floorboards for any pieces of pipe or wiring that may be running underneath them so you don't pierce them with the nail or screw when fitting the gripper.

If you don't want the mess or hassle of fastening them to the floorboards with nails or screws then wood glue will usually work just as well, although it would need to be strong to stop the tension of the carpet pulling them lose. Whilst nails and screws are the preferred way, glues can be just as effective if applied correctly.

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