Over the last few years, the world of interior design has been taken over by the Scandinavian (or Nordic) aesthetic style. As the Danish lifestyle concept of hygge has become quite trendy in the UK and USA, so too has the classy charm of Scandinavian design. The world truly has Scandi-fever. The re-emergence of IKEA’s popularity in the UK has also helped to usher in these new trends, bringing simple and space-efficient designs to the homes of people all over the country. In this article we’re going to delve into what truly defines Scandinavian interior design and what makes it so popular, along with giving you some expert tips on how to lay the groundwork for your Nordic inspired interior with some Scandinavian flooring styles. Let’s begynde!

What is Scandinavian Design?

The people of Scandinavia are not a materialistic bunch. Despite their history of pillaging treasure from British monasteries, modern Danes, Swedes and Norwegians have gained an affinity for the complete opposite to their Viking ancestors. Scandinavian design utilises an elegant combination of minimalism, sharpness and cosiness that resonates perfectly with their social ethics. The Nordic nations are widely known as some of the happiest on earth, most notably the Danish with their concept of hygge. Hygge is best defined as a combination of cosiness, comfort, quality time with close friends, and finding happiness with the simple things in life. Scandinavian interior design reflects this ethos, bringing a clutter-free but cosy atmosphere to one’s home. 

Scandinavian style is defined by a mixture of natural textures, relaxing colours and efficient design. It blends the rustic charm of natural wood-looking decor with soothing colour schemes to create an atmosphere that brings a refined character to the blend of homeliness and freshness. Strangely, Nordic design shares a look with Bohemian-style nautical aesthetics, utilising plenty of washed out colours and wood-look surfaces to boost the airiness of the room. So how do you create this style in your home?

How to Achieve the Nordic Style



The first thing to consider when designing your Scandinavian interior is your use of colours. Nordic design is famous for its use of neutral tones that emphasise the natural light and space of the room. These colours include light greys and tame beiges, and should be applied to the flooring, curtains, walls and furniture. These colours bring a natural feeling to the room while still feeling clean and open, and help natural light to easily circulate around the room. There are some misconceptions about what technically constitutes a Scandinavian colour scheme, mostly due to the influx of IKEA products that have filled millions of UK homes in the last five years. IKEA are famously Swedish and also love bright colours. While vivid colours are used often by IKEA, these colours don’t really work with the refined style of Nordic design that we all know and love.

Minimalist Style 

Scandinavian design is usually made up of plain colours with no patterns. This is where we get very pedantic with the difference between Nordic and Scandinavian styles. Scandinavian generally refers to Danish, Swedish and Norwegian styles, while the word ‘Nordic’ also includes Finland and Iceland. Icelanders love their patterned carpets and curtains, but the Danes and the Swedes will choose plain designs nine times out of ten.

Wood-Based Decor

A surefire way to achieve an authentic Scandinavian design is to use full wooden or wood-looking features. One thing that the Scandinavians have in abundance is forests, (more so in Sweden and Norway) so plenty of Nordic homes contain a lot of wood. This is partially to due with the fact that people from Scandinavia have a great affinity with nature and forests, choosing to maintain a lot more of their ancient woodland areas that we have here in the UK. The most common way to implement this is with a wooden look floor. But not just any wood will do, oh no. Deep browns or vivid orange finishes are not found in the Scandinavian design pallet; we’re not in the Rocky Mountains. Instead, you should be looking for whitewashed or bleached looking wood finishes, probably in grey, white or beige to maintain a neutral colour scheme. 

Scandinavian Flooring Styles


Danish Style Carpets

Choosing the right flooring is the first and most important step in defining the style of a room, especially when tackling a very specific design like Scandinavian. One key aspect of Danish lifestyle is cosiness. Much like us here in the UK, the Danes experience a lot of unpleasant weather, so they like to come home to a snuggly environment where they can feel at home. One of the best ways to add an element of cosiness to your room is with high quality carpet in one of the Nordic style colours. Our aptly named Cormar Nordic Sky twist pile carpet is perfect for high traffic rooms, along with Cormar Tusk or Cormar Cream Silk for a slightly warmer colour. For rooms that experience less traffic, such as a bedroom, there is no better option for Scandinavian flooring than a thick saxony carpet. We recommend the Abingdon Ice Crystal saxony carpet or the Cormar Milkshake, both in calming, neutral colours.  

Wood Effect Laminate & Vinyl Flooring

In your dining room, bathroom and potentially your living room, an attractive wood effect laminate or vinyl flooring will go a long way towards getting that Nordic look. The Danes’ love of wood as part of their cosy atmosphere is well known, so getting yourself some wood-look flooring is vital. As we mentioned earlier, you have to ensure that the colour of your wood look flooring is in keeping with the washed out colour scheme, such as our Beauflor White Oak or Frontier White Oak, both giving you a bleached look for your flooring. For a more natural wooden look, our Beauflor Columbian Oak is a great laminate option. For a slightly darker grey, our Trendline Bellini Oak or Corsica Oak, or Neobo Highland Grey will all give you an authentic wood look laminate flooring. 

Our Range of Scandinavian Style Flooring

These are just some of the Scandinavian flooring options that we stock. Here at The Great Big Floor Store, we stock a wide range of Nordic style carpets along with authentic wood-look laminate, vinyl and luxury vinyl tile flooring options. When renovating a room in any style, the most important thing to get right is the floor, no matter whether it’s a Scandinavian style bedroom, a post-modern co-working office or even a Traditional Japanese dojo. Ensuring you have a high quality floor is the first step in creating the right atmosphere for your room, so look no further than The Great Big Floor store for all your high quality flooring needs. Get in touch with our team today to learn more!