Devil’s in the details

So you’ve decided to chip in and carry out a bit of DIY? You should be applauded for wanting to give to give it a go. It’s not for everyone, that’s for sure! Hopefully this article will give you some handy tips for measuring a room for carpet flooring. We want you to be filled with confidence when you place an order. Accuracy is the key to this particular task, so the devil is indeed in the details. If you have recently purchased a new house, are renovating or just upgrading, it can be stressful. There’s no doubt about that. You’ll be happy to know that carpets are known to alleviate stress, so it’ll be worth it in the end!


The Diagram

First off, a diagram needs to be drawn, detailing the room where the carpet is going to be fitted. This doesn’t need to be too in depth or complicated, think less architectural drawing and more sketch. The vital element to these drawings are the lengths/widths/heights that you make a note of. You can do this freehand using a ruler and a protractor or via a computer. Microsoft paint is a rational program to use for this because of the simple nature of the drawing. The diagram can be of the entire home if the carpet is going in multiple rooms, or just one if it’s being used in a single room. If there are parts of the room/house that need carpet and some that don’t, it would be best to highlight the relevant areas. This makes it easier to keep track.


Measuring the area for the Carpet

Now it’s time to start the actual measuring. And the rule is with measuring for carpet is that it is always better to have too much than too little. So, dust off your tape measure and stretch it across all sides of the room. When you’re writing down the measurements it’s always best to add on 10% (this can be done at the end). If you have a bit of spare carpet left over at the end of it all, this is preferable to having to go out and buy more. And it won’t look as aesthetically pleasing (even if it’s the same colour). You don’t have to differentiate between which is width and length. Just make sure you multiple one side by the other and add on the 10% extra. E.g. One side is 7m and one is 5m totalling 35m. Adding on 3.5m (the 10%) to this total will be the amount you need which is 38.5 square metres of carpet. The formula would be L x W + 10%


A Carpet to suit you

We aren’t forgetting about the more complicated rooms either don’t worry! Other features can make it slightly more challenging and change the shape of a room. Chimneys, stoves, landing areas all require you to measure around the entirety of the shape. Because the carpet will be cut to suit the room, the complete length/widths are needed. The rear length of door frames also need taking into consideration. And if you’re in doubt, check it twice! Don’t forget to remove all of the furniture in the rooms where it’s going to be fitted. Get in touch if you need more information on measuring a room for a carpet.