Christmas day is around the corner once again, and all over the country families will be gathering for the celebrations. As anyone with kids will tell you, Christmas day can quickly become chaos, and your carpet can end up bearing the brunt of an onslaught of spills.

Whatever you have planned for the big day, it pays to be prepared, because- cheerful guests, excited children, food and drink and your new carpet can be a recipe for disaster. Here’s the first entry in our guide to some of the most common offenders- so you can get on with enjoying Christmas.


Don’t let a little spill spoil your Christmas: here’s how to get wine out of carpet

Christmas drinks come in all colours and strengths- and most of them will be getting drunk at some point on Christmas Day. From non-alcoholic drinks to spirits to mulled wine to sherry, plenty of glasses will be raised on December 25th. Whether you’re fortifying yourself for a day’s cooking with an early morning mince pie and coffee or passing round the last whiskey before bed, your carpet could come into contact with all kinds of nasty surprises. The worst of these is definitely red wine: the ultimate carpet-ruiner. With this, as with most stains, speed is key.


  • Soak

Start by soaking up that wine, fast. As quickly as you can, get a clean towel, cloth or tissue onto the stain and soak up as much as you can without pressing it further into the fabric. If you don’t see it until later, you can still remove the stain, but usually, if it sits for more than 24 hours or so you may be too late to remove the stain without a professional deep clean. The first rule of flawless stain removal is always speed.


  • Blot, don’t rub

Rubbing the wine spill will push the stain further into the fabric- so be careful to gently soak up the liquid instead. Get as much as you can out until eventually, no more of the wine will soak into the towel. Be as soft as you can- this will require a degree of patience! When no more wine is coming out, you may need to consider using an absorbent to draw out the remaining liquid.  


  • Add salt

Salt is great on stains because it naturally absorbs liquid. Use simple kitchen salt to draw out the wine from the fibres of the carpet. Don’t be afraid to add a tiny amount of moisture to help loosen the stain. When the salt has started absorbing the wine you can begin to see it turning pink. This can then be vacuumed away. Repeat as necessary until the salt stops absorbing wine or the stain is gone.



  • Use baking soda

Mixing baking soda into a thick paste with a little water, and spreading this onto the carpet will also loosen the stain. Allow this mix several hours to work with the wine that’s settled into the fibres- ideally overnight. The following day a little white vinegar should help loosen up the mix again- which can then be vacuumed away.