Making an Impression

Many studies have been carried out over time, questioning how long it takes to decide you like something or someone. Most of them validate the idea that opinions are generated very rapidly, in a matter of seconds. Going along with that, generally, everyone wants to feel comfortable when in a new environment for the first time. And this is why doormats are so important.

Apart from creating a good impression, a decent Doormat also has its obvious practical uses. If your child has returned from a muddy football pitch or your partner from an adventurous dog walk, the mess can be considerably reduced. The justification for buying one is beyond doubt. The question that always begs still exists though, which one?


It's safe to say this is a lot less simple than choosing a carpet gripper, which is why GBFS provides a varied range, increasing the chances that you'll find one suitable. These could be split into two categories though, ones with a simple, more reserved design and ones that contain imagery. Imagery could be used to complement an already vibrant entrance, or to stimulate a more subtle one. If you're feeling like amusing visitors or even yourself, you could venture towards the Door mat that doubles up as a barcode, relaying the message 'Scan your feet'. 

Or you could appeal to someone's geographical side with a compass design, following a sleek black and grey colour scheme. The basis of this decision depends on whether you want the mat to more decorative or functional. An example of a more functional design but still visually appealing, would be the Scala Blue.

Size it up

Exactly how large does a mat need to be? The simple answer to this is, it depends on the room (unless it's outside). I'd aim to find a big door mat if possible, taking into consideration the area it's going to be placed in, be it the mat well or indoor. And no one wants one that looks disproportional. 

This becomes an even stronger factor when considering mats that are near to areas with mud/grass, where the footfall will be even dirtier. And let's not forget, the number/size of any pets that you own should also play a part in your selection. We sell designs that range from 40 x 60 cm up to 60 x 80, with savings of up to 45% off the RRP. Hard to complain, but choose wisely.