The world of interior design has never been more alive, with designers & consumers abuzz with new materials, trends and inspirations that drive change apace.

The continued impact of social media on the world of design has meant that influences and ideas have never been more prevalent, easy to access or instantly available to anyone anywhere. The continued relationship between consumer and construction material, driven partly by environmental concerns and partly by a renewed interest in provenance, has added a new dimension to the question of design.

Further, new advances in synthetic designs have improved durability, as well as the quality of printing, in manufactured flooring. In a changing landscape with so many different factors at play, here are out suggestions for the big trends of the future of our floors:

Light and dark

Recent years have seen homeowners passionately embrace darker colours in order to bring out their walls, ceilings, fittings and features in bright white light. But the new trend for lighter floors has been gathering pace, with homeowners and designers increasingly experimenting with the effect that a lighter floor can bring to the same space. This is going to continue in 2019, with lighter ‘blonde’ colours creating the perception of space, in the same way, a darker floor might create more light.

Realistic printing

Increasingly advanced printing on laminate flooring or synthetic floorings such as Vinyl means realistic stone and wood are becoming more and more easily replicable, and more cheaply. This coincides with public appetite for a genuinely organic, authentic look, meaning producers are increasingly experimenting with vibrant new designs.

Flooring print is increasingly finding new ways to express rich, varied designs and organic materials. In 2019 we predict this will come for in a big way. This is demonstrated in things like the increasingly trendy vinyl planks that replicate a genuine hardwood floor, for a much lower price, with much greater durability and with far better water resistance.

Environmental concerns

People are more in tune than ever to their impact on the environment. This is reflected in the surging popularity of environmentally-responsible flooring. Just as provenance and authenticity has become a vital dimension of the organic materials market, ensuring responsible manufacturing from recyclable, or recycled, the material has become a crucial element in the process of buying synthetic floors.