Unlock With Underlay

Choosing a new floor is a complicated process- visualising the day-to-day use of a new floor is sometimes tough, especially in rooms you & your family spend a lot of time in. Once you select a type & design that’s attractive, comfort, warmth, and durability become a primary factor- because making sensible decisions for what works best for your home is about more than simply price or appearance, it’s also about day to day life.

Spending years, maybe decades, with a floor that’s uncomfortable, cold, flimsy, noisy, or poorly insulated is enough to cancel out even the most attractive design or affordable price. All in all, there’s a lot of big factors to consider choosing something as essential as the floor of your family home.

Making a big purchase like a new floor, therefore, requires serious thought, and luckily there some easy tricks to get the most out of whatever surface you choose. One of these is underlay, which can fill a number of roles and upgrade any floor in a number of ways.

Protect your carpet from damage

Everyday life comes with lots of mishaps, and very often your carpet ends up bearing the brunt. Luckily the added reinforcement provided by underlay can make a surprising difference if your flooring ever experiences accidents. With the support of a layer of underlay behind it, your flooring resists scuffing, ripping or other damage far more effectively. It also resists day-to-day wear and tears far more effectively, one of the reasons underlay is always recommended for areas with high foot traffic, such as living rooms, hallways and stairs.

Protect the environment while saving you money

By helping enhance insulation in your flooring, good quality underlay reduced energy loss and keeps bills down. While almost all homes now contain excellent quality insulation in roof spaces and often walls, as well as double glazing, flooring is often neglected. By using a layer of underlay beneath your flooring you can prevent heat loss and protect the environment, as well as lowering your heating bills.

Enhanced comfort

Everybody wants a comfortable floor underfoot, especially at home where it’s normal to walk around without shoes. By using a quality underlay product with your flooring, you can create a comfortable underfoot surface that continues to retain softness and warm after years of use. Not only will underlay help produce a springier surface, but it will also retain heat which will help prevent chilly floors!

Limit damp

Damp is a real concern for all homeowners, but especially those in older buildings. By upgrading your floor with a quality underlay you can help porous flooring such as laminate resist moisture that can spread easily.

Prevents noise

There’s nothing worse than that one squeaky upstairs floorboard- unless you’re on the floor below! Whatever room of the house you’re in, sound insulation is important. Day-to-day life can be improved by using an underlay to absorb sound and help create a comfortable, peaceful sanctuary in every room of the house.

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