Solid floor alternatives are on the rise and not only is there a vast variety available on the market but the quality and longevity of the products are continuously improving.

There is no need to compromise on style, regardless of the trend there is something available for your ideal interior less costly than solid flooring.

One of the many benefits of these alternatives is the speed and ease at which they can be installed, making Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT) a brilliant substitute for anyone wanting simple, affordable flooring.

Here are just a few benefits of LVT:

Variety and Versatility

There is a Luxury Vinyl Tile to suit any interior, trend or room, Whether you are looking for something contemporary to brighten up a kitchen or something with a vintage twist in the lounge our range has it covered.

The impeccable detail created by 3D printers allows for seamless replicas of solid, natural flooring transforming any space.

Our Neobo Parquet Highland Grey is just one of many contemporary designs that will add a modern element to your space. With a beautiful natural wood imitation and soft grey tones, you can't go wrong.


LVT is an affordable alternative to solid wood, ceramic or stone flooring. Although prices differ depending on the thickness of the tile (the thicker profiles tend to be more expensive), we have an incredible selection of natural wood imitations at a thickness of 2.55mm with bevelled edges for a realistic finish.



LVT acts as an insulator for heat and sound, as well as providing a cushioned finish to your floor. Installation Providing existing flooring is flat, LVT can be laid straight on top with a click-lock installation similar to that of laminate flooring. Due to it's low provide and resilience, it’s easily installed around door frames and over underfloor heating (temperature must be below 27 degrees).


If your flooring does get damaged, it is easily replaced. A professional can easily replace an individual tile or multiple without having to relay the whole floor.

Durability and Lifespan

Both commercial and domestically durable, with an average lifespan of 25-30 years, LVT is a high-quality flooring that can be used in any interior. Without compromising style, the water-resistant coating protects the tiles and stops any bulging, absorption or issues with dampness. Scruffs, scratches, and dents are equally limited with this robust flooring.

Check out our range of LVT flooring today including a range of options from distinctive flooring to transform your space.