Choosing to buy carpet online is not something we do every day, so when the decision is made, it has to be the right one. That's why it's good to be assured it ticks the right boxes, not just for yourself, but everyone in the home. It's vital that you feel comfortable in your selection and comfortable on your floor. 

Value for Money

Like every item purchased for a home, an aspect that is generally at the forefront of the buyer’s mind is value for money. Does the end justify the means? The Apollo Plus from Cormar certainly does that with its high quality and affordable pricing. With its 100% Polypropylene soft feel, this fantastic range will definitely earn it’s worth. 

Cleaning without Stress

The cost of cleaning isn’t normally an issue for most carpet owners, it’s the time that seems to be more of a bugbear. That’s why the Apollo Plus range is designed in the manner it is. The high durability makes it ideal to be used throughout the home, and unlike some carpet ranges, it can even work in a bathroom setting. It withstands everyday spills, stains, and heavy foot traffic isn’t a problem. Remember, prevention is always better than a cure.

Life of Luxury

An elegant carpet range, it can accentuate and bring to life a room like no other. This would have been one of the many reasons Cormar was inspired to create these carpets. Manufactured in the UK to a very high standard, they are available in a range of stylish colours, appealing to the eye. And that’s all priced at the affordable, minimum cost of £9.75 per sqr/m, working out less than the Cormar Soft Focus range at around £14.49 per sqr/m.

Variety of Colours/Styles 

Variety is the spice of life definitely applies to these online carpets. The AP range is provided in a number of attractive designs, with 14 colours available. Beach Beige, Boxwood, Cashew and Cream Silk, to name a few. The diverse set of styles also feature a secondary woven back, helping to provide a good level of support. 


In life, they say there are no guarantees (well apart from the GBFS selling good quality, cheap underlay). And we don’t necessarily agree with that, which is why we like to offer a 7-year warranty on wear and a 10-year warranty on stains. This gives you that piece of mind that these carpets are for the long term, and not just for Christmas.