When you set out to redecorate your home, the natural first step is to settle on the colour of your new carpet. After that, many people move on to deciding the pile, thickness and budget for their new carpet. It’s easy to forget, among all the choices, shopping around and planning, that there’s something just as important to consider- the underlay for your new carpet.

 Why choose underlay for your new carpet? There are lots of benefits to using a quality underlay, but the primary benefit is probably that it will drastically extend the life of your new carpet and help deliver even greater value for money over years- and allowing you to enjoy your carpet for longer. Other benefits underlay can offer include much improved heat & sound insulation- which not only enhances comfort & quality of life in your home, but also cuts your heating bills! Underlay also helps make your carpet much more comfortable to walk on- and can make a huge difference in areas such as bedrooms and lounges where comfort is everything. These are some of the reasons why underlay should be part of your redecoration planning.

 But at The Great Big Floor Store, we know there are more considerations than this. There’s a wide range of manufacturers and differences in depths, construction and price. As a result we often get asked to help customers choose the right underlay for them. That’s why we have introduced our gold, silver and bronze rating system for our underlay products. We’ve also selected premium brands from longstanding UK suppliers, ensuring all our products are made to the highest quality.

 One of our favourites is the manufacturer Ball & Young- underlay experts based entirely in the UK and producers of some of the top awarding winning underlay products on the market. Ball & Young underlay is one of the most popular UK-manufactured brands on the market, due to its solid construction and high durability. The premium Ball & Young underlay is considered to be Cloud 9 Cumulus- a deluxe, high thickness version of their regular underlay designs that is especially constructed to perform well over years of wear & tear in high foot traffic areas of the house. This makes it ideal for hallways and stairs, but especially luxurious in bedrooms and lounges, where its 11mm soft fabric & paper construction cushions and insulates, maintains warmth and softness under even bare feet, perfect for the spaces where we need to unwind in peace & comfort.