There’s nothing like the feel of a thick carpet under your feet on a rainy day, until an extremely stainable substance falls to the floor, and your heart sinks. “How on earth am I going to get that out?” You exclaim. Fear not, as the team at Great Big Floor Store know their stuff when it comes to cleaning carpets, so we’ve put together a few tips for how to clean the toughest household stains from your carpet. Get your rubber gloves at the ready, because here we go.

Coffee Stains

There’s few things worse than a dirty grey coffee stain on your lovely cream coloured carpet. In reality, these stains are easier than you think to clean. Give it a good once over with a cloth soaked in hot water, then (checking that this combination won’t bleach your carpet beforehand) pour a little vinegar, baking soda and salt onto the stain. This should remove the bulk of the stain, so you can finish it off with some quality carpet cleaning spray.

Chewing Gum

Here’s where we get a chance to get creative. Chewing gum can be one of the most difficult things to remove from your carpet by conventional means, as a hot liquid will be ineffective, causing the gum to melt further and probably spread around even more. So the best thing to do is to cool the gum down with ice or a fan, hardening the gum and making it easier to remove with a simple mixture of water and vinegar, and a little detergent if necessary.

Wine Stains

There are few stains as infamous as rich, red wine. This can be the most intimidating kind of stain to clean, but a simple mix of hot water and ammonia can be extremely effective. If it isn’t, whip up a mixture of 5 parts water and 1 part bleach, and this, provided your carpet has been solution dyed, will do the job nicely. If your carpet is a wool-blend, only use water and gentle soap powder to make sure you don’t bleach the material.

Ink Stains

Surely an ink stain is uncleanable? Wrong. Grab a cloth, moisten it using isopropyl alcohol (preferably with a high percentage) and apply the stain gently to avoid spreading the ink. We advise testing this first on a small part of the carpet to ensure it doesn’t damage your carpet. As soon as the stain has gone, rinse the area with cold water and vacuum until it’s dry.

Grease & Oil

If you spill cooking oil or grease onto your carpet, put a paper towel over the spill, and then iron it until it gets warm, but not too hot. This will cause the oil to harden slightly and stick to the paper towel. Repeat a few times if needed, and finish it off with a good quality spray.

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