Artificial grass is becoming more and more common in gardens across the country as people look to save time on maintenance, increase the hard-weariness of their lawn or just create a space that is always pleasant to look at regardless of the time of year or weather conditions.

But what are some more...unusual uses for artificial grass? It's durable, low impact and low maintenance nature means it's quite a versatile material for decorating or using as a feature - here we have listed our top 5 alternative uses for artificial grass.

Carpet Substitute

Not too crazy, but still a little odd. This is a favourite of edgy marketing and advertising agencies worldwide, putting artificial grass in their office instead of boring, business-looking carpet.

The clear advantage here is that it's a talking point, provides a lot of green spaces which will improve people's mood, and is nicer to walk on than carpet is. This is a great idea for your office if you have a laid-back ethos, but might be a little too odd for the professional services like lawyers or accountants.

For personal spaces like inside your home, artificial grass would be a great feature to put inside a conservatory or extension into the garden, you could even put it on your decking or patio. There is no need to worry about having pets on artificial grass either, it is perfectly usable by dogs, cats or any other household companion. 

Crazy Golf Course

If you have plenty of outdoor space available to you, then why not plan out a crazy golf course? It will take a bit of planning but you can construct a couple of small holes using nothing more than some spare wood and some artificial grass.

Unlike conventional golf courses, you won't need to spend time caring for the surface, allowing you to create a fun party piece in your garden for your kids, friends or family to enjoy whenever they are round.

The versatile nature of artificial grass allows you to manipulate it into shapes and positions where regular grass may not be able to grow or thrive, giving you the chance to create crazy shapes and patterns in your course.

If golf isn't your sport, artificial grass can create a great back garden all-weather football pitch or even an artificial Cricket wicket leaving no need for covers when the heavens open. 


Tired of boring car mats in your vehicle? Want to bring a splash of styles and try something different with your car's interior? Why not add some artificial grass to the inside of your car!

It has the same absorbing properties that car mats have and will provide protection for the actual carpet of the car, not to mention providing a brilliant talking point whenever you give someone a ride.

You can instal it the same way as your actual car mats with a little effort, ensuring the turf stays clipped into position or just use the grass itself to create a car interior that will be the talk of your friends!

Feature Wall

A feature wall in your home is supposed to be the centre of the room, the area where the rest of the room is decorated around and is usually a patterned wallpaper or painted a bright colour to stand out from the rest of the decor.

But how about making a feature wall out of artificial turf? It doesn't have to be a living room, it could be a conservatory or even a dining room but it will work best where there is plenty of natural light to bring out the bright green colours of the turf.

The ease of installation and hassle-free maintenance makes it ideal to use for a feature in your home - it doesn't need to be watered, can be vacuumed every now and then and won't need to be cut. It will certainly be a talking point for anybody who comes round to visit!

Decorative Roll-Ends

The versatility of artificial grass makes it perfect for using to build and shape creations that would be impossible to make with genuine grass or too messy to use other building materials with.

Like carpet, the laying of artificial grass will often create some roll ends and off-cuts that you can use to decorate your outside or inside space to accessorise the area. If you've laid it on your lawn, why not use it to wrap around some flowerpots or ornaments?

If you've laid it indoors then there are countless possibilities for artificial grass: you could put it around lamps or on furniture, add it to light fittings or craft a feature piece out of the turf itself.

Care For Your Fake Grass 

Having artificial or fake grass in your garden is low maintenance, but it does still require some care and attention. Take a look at our handy guide to Caring for your Artificial Grass